She’s headed for the big time…unless her heart gets stopped at the pass.​


Forty-two-year-old single father Griffin Foxfire couldn’t have made it through colic and calving season without his mother’s babysitting services. But just when he thinks he’s got the hardest part of the infant learning curve licked, he gets devastating news. Mom is sick. And Griffin is forced to hire a nanny.


With nothing but twenty dollars in her pocket and her voice, Nola Brady wants to leave small-town Wyoming to pursue her dreams in Nashville. She answers Griffin’s ad to keep body and soul together until her big chance arrives. Love isn’t even on her radar…until she unexpectedly falls for the rough-and-playful cowboy.


Between the sheets, they’re poetry. Outside the bedroom, he inspires her to be more woman than she ever dreamed possible, which scares her enough to put on the brakes…and hit the road.


But if she thought he’d just let her leave quietly, she was wrong. Because hell hath no fury like a cowboy in love…especially one with a baby on his hip. And a ring with her name on it.

Warning: This cowboy daddy is determined to make a May/September romance work—even if he has to lay down his palm or his mouth on a round ass cheek to do it.

Think there’s nothing spicy beneath her vanilla shell? Brace yourself…​


From the moment he spots the blonde bombshell in the small-town Reedy, Wyoming, grocery store, Brant Foxfire can’t help but check her out—all the way to the checkout line.


He always hoped he’d see her again, but never thought it’d be this way—with her young son in his orthodontist chair for a consultation. It’s not the boy’s overbite that captures his attention. It’s the single mom’s mouth. Her luscious lips…and that one charmingly off-kilter tooth.


Hayley Graff knows firsthand that lust doesn’t equal a long-term relationship, but Brant awakens her body’s needs in a way she can’t ignore. She’d love nothing more than to “open wide” for the sexy orthodontist, as long as he never learns the embarrassing truth.


To his delight, Brant discovers that his long-suppressed need to dominate brings out the best in the standoffish vixen. Yet her reluctance to completely let down her guard stands in the way of total bliss…until an accident exposes her deepest vulnerability.

Warning:  Contains teeth-grinding desire between a spank-me-please blonde bombshell and a closet Dom who knows how to straighten her out. You may never look at an orthodontist’s chair the same way again.

Axel Foxfire, aka Big Ax, thought he prepared for the day when his father passed and he took over the family logging company. But keeping the business afloat proves harder than it looks on paper. Not only is the company floundering financially, but he can’t figure out what drained the funds in the first place. And each day he spends in the office poring over books becomes harder with the temptation of his sultry bookkeeper, Eva, mere feet away from him. What the shy and all too alluring woman doesn’t know is Ax can’t quit thinking about putting more smiles on her face as well as how much he wants to pin her to his bed—or over the nearest downed tree.

Widow and mother of a young son, Eva struggles to make ends meet. Her late husband left her with very little, unless she counts the big fat crime he committed against the company where she’s now employed. Each time she attempts to speak about the matter to Ax, something prevents the words from passing her lips—and more and more often it’s Ax himself silencing her with his smoldering kisses.


Ax should find more control when it comes to his employee, but damn if he doesn’t want to shield her and her son from life as much as he wants to awaken her slumbering libido. Problem is, he’s broke and Eva deserves to be pampered like the princess she is. As Eva’s secret swells to huge heights, so do her feelings for the dirty-talking and intense logger. But she needs this job more than love…or could it be too late?


Boot Knockers Ranch Box Set OUT NOW


May 18: His to Shelter

June 22: His to Defend

July 20: His to Protect



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