Ross Wynton, head of WEST Protection.
He’s got a head for the tactical and an instinct for danger.
Then in walks the one person who reminds him that he’s also a man.

Pippa Hamlin might have a PhD in gene editing, but she’s also neck-deep in danger. After a big breakthrough in the lab, she is haunted by threats. Fleeing to the only person she knows can protect her, who happens to be a hot cowboy she remembers all too well from her gawky teen years, she winds up on Ross’s family ranch in Montana. She wants to forget about her embarrassing crush on him and hopes he will help her reach Seattle for a big conference without meeting more danger, even as she burns for the man.

With so many issues on Ross’s already full plate, he heaps on one more and agrees to help Pippa. Finding out who is threatening her becomes his number one priority. So does easing that fear he sees in her beautiful hazel eyes…and fighting to keep his hands off her tallies as a close second.

But as things go from slow burn to smoldering with Pippa, the dangers surrounding this job don’t add up. Ross fears he’s too distracted and missing something, while Pippa battles to keep her wits and fight for the medical discovery she believes in. Staying one foot ahead of her attackers is as difficult as traveling across the northwest with a sexy, alpha, muscled bodyguard who brings all the heat to places a nerdy doctor ignores. In the end, she doesn’t know if Ross will save her—or break her.


Jan 19: To the Xtreme

Feb 22: Show-Off in Spurs

March 22: Xtreme Ops #3

April 19: Rescued by the Cowboy


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