One hatched plan…and a whole lotta romance.

Maya Ray’s just been dumped. Noah Wynton’s just been dumped too. So while their exes bask in their new relationship, what do Maya Ray and Noah do? Hatch a plan, of course.

The checklist:
-Pretend to date.
-Show up everywhere their exes do.
-Get lovey-dovey as often as possible (shouldn’t be too difficult, with this chemistry!)
-Prove they’re over their exes (except things are starting to snowball, and maybe those kisses aren’t so fake after all…)

Maya Ray is convinced the best revenge is proving to her ex that she’s fine. With a plan like this in place, she’s sure to have more than her share of fun too. Now that Noah’s spending so much time with Maya Ray, he’s starting to realize things might not have been perfect with his ex. But how long can they possibly keep up this act? And with a whirlwind romance to fake, who has time for falling in love?


Ross Wynton, leader of WEST Protection. 

He’s got a head for the tactical and an instinct for danger. 

Then in walks the one person who reminds him that he’s also a man. 


After a big breakthrough with her gene editing project, Doctor Pippa Hamlin is neck-deep in danger and threats. On the run, she turns to the only person she knows who can protect her—the hot cowboy crush from her gawky teen years. While she still burns for the man, she hopes he’ll help her reach Seattle for a big conference without meeting more danger. 


Discovering who is threatening Pippa becomes Ross’s number one priority. So does easing that fear he sees in her beautiful hazel eyes…and fighting to keep his hands off her tallies as a close second. 


Ross fears he’s too distracted and missing something, while Pippa battles to keep her wits to fight for the medical discovery she believes in. Traveling with a sexy, alpha, muscled bodyguard who brings all the heat to places a nerdy doctor ignores is hard enough without wondering if Ross will save her—or break her. 


Fake marriage? If that’s what it takes to get the job done. 


Boone Wynton is one of the top bodyguards on the WEST Protection team and in the country. So taking a job to protect the wife of a billionaire oil tycoon seems like a breeze—until he learns he can’t get near the possessive man’s wife unless he’s married. His only option? A coworker who hates him. Maybe she is kind of pretty, and her lips drive him crazy—as long as she isn’t speaking. 


Cyber-security guru Lauralee Sheldon has worked at WEST Protection all of a month—exactly long enough to learn she can’t stand Boone Wynton. The only way she’ll act as his fake wife is for the sake of protecting a vulnerable woman, and even then on one condition—that Boone never lays a hand on her, even if they are big and perfectly rough. 


When fighting turns into foreplay, Boone changes the rules of the game, blurring the lines between real emotions and deception. And with dangers flying at them from all directions, it’s hard to know who to trust. Is it the man Lauralee never believed in? 


They call her the Ice Queen…but he’s determined to thaw her.

Bodyguard Mathias Trace is more comfortable on the back of a horse than guarding people. But when his next job involves a brainy woman on a hunt for treasure, he’s as frustrated as he is turned on. Her pretty, delicate features and tight curves might threaten to give him whiplash, but her chilly disposition is enough to freeze any man in his tracks.

All Madeline asks for is a smart, savvy bodyguard. What she gets is a man who walks with a permanent swagger and only takes the name of his horse seriously. But she must be the first one to locate a rare artifact at the heart of an ancient conspiracy theory, and she needs his help instead of his thunderous looks…though they might actually be starting to turn her on.

Searching for an artifact believed to bring two soulmates together is dangerous work, but so are the barriers dissolving between them. As those walls crash down, their hearts are exposed, which means the woman known as the Ice Queen is sure to walk. Not that Mathias will let her get far…

The only thing that might break the standoff between the bully cowboy and his icy bodyguard is a waterfall and not a stitch of clothing in sight. 1-click this hot new romantic suspense and make Mathias your next book boyfriend!


They couldn’t be more opposite. That doesn’t mean he won’t lay down his life for her.


After a short medical leave, Bodyguard Silas Shanie is back on the WEST Protection team and ready for action. While the job sounds easy, his ward isn’t. But he only has to keep the heiress to a multimillion-dollar real estate empire alive—he doesn’t have to like her. Even if she’s easy on the eyes, she lacks something Silas admires—substance.


Windi Wray always does what her father asks, so she gives in to his decision to hire a bodyguard. What she doesn’t expect is the big cowboy-type to be trailing her all over the place, even to Mexico, where she has personal business. Nobody knows about her humanitarian work there, and she wants to keep it that way. But Silas Shanie sees everything—even the hidden side she prefers to keep private.


When Silas discovers Windi’s trip to Mexico isn’t all about flaunting her wealth, he finds himself drawn to the beautiful woman with more heart than she reveals. And Windi learns that the weather isn’t the only thing that’s hot and steamy, and cowboys really do have perfectly rough hands. But when danger leaps out at them, Windi's life, and everything she's worked for, is jeopardized. With luck, skill and his team as backup, he might be able to get them both out alive…but his heart could already be lost.

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He might convince her to move him out of the friendzone…but only if they can stay alive that long…

All Josiah Wynton has to do is pretend to be the undercover FBI agent’s boyfriend. Watching her back while she investigates a drug trafficking ring inside the rodeo circuit will be easy. Ignoring the fact that he’s been in love with her for years and she thinks of him only as a friend, however, will not…

Rayna Quinn never gives up. She will get to the bottom of this case and keep her cover while she does it. Her best friend and bodyguard shouldn’t be a distraction. She should be able to ignore his sexy cowboy swagger. But for some reason, she can’t…

With danger closing and time running out, can Josiah and Rayna solve the case before they lose a lot more than just their hearts?

Friends to lovers romance goes West with a kick of action and adventure.


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