“I would love to be Dixon’s baby girl.” 5 stars Amazon Reviewer

He knows what he wants…

Dixon Rothchild once led soldiers on the front lines. Now he’s living the high life in the room over his parents’ garage while tinkering with motors day and night. What he craves is a brotherhood.

Then one night he lends a hand to the tough and savvy bar owner by cleaning some riff-raff off her barstools…and in that moment realizes there’s something to fight for right here in his hometown. So the Dark Falcons Motorcycle Club is born.

There’s no stopping this attraction…

Fiona’s taken men like Dixon Rothchild for a test drive before, and the last thing she wants—or needs—is another overly muscled gearhead who likes to show off by using his fists.

He’s also the type she falls for…every…damn…time.

A small town blowing up with problems and in the heat of it all, a romance rises from the ashes. Craving a happily ever after? DIXON will have your engines revving. Click buy and binge the whole Dark Falcons MC series!

“Reality, feels and action.” —Five Stars Amazon Reviewer

He wants to be more than her friend…

Rob Parker, aka Tank, is the unluckiest bastard alive. After losing his job and wrecking his bike, his days are filled with boredom and too many bad habits to count. He also can’t seem to get away from the woman who torments the hell out of him—and worse, she belongs to another.

One moment changes Catarina’s world…

Each time Catarina’s boyfriend rips her heart out, her best friend Tank is there to listen. He’s also the guy with the strongest arms to run to. When her life takes yet another nosedive, Tank can’t keep his hands off her, and she finds just how good his rough touch makes her feel. But losing her best friend isn’t an option—what would she do without him? Scarier question is…what will she do if she doesn’t act on her growing feelings?

A standalone featuring a friends-to-lovers romance along with small-town charm and more than a few smoldering moments to keep you swooning over the men in the Dark Falcons Motorcycle Club!

A biker in trouble. A woman who doesn’t run from it.

He’s fighting a losing battle when it comes to her…

Logan, aka Patriot, earned his nickname by fighting for the underdog. Only this time he’s the one being crushed under the weight of injustice when his club comes under fire with the law. While he and his brothers fight to find the true criminal, a certain reserved brunette keeps popping up everywhere he goes, making it even more impossible to ignore the things he feels for her.

Can she make him see their ages don’t matter?

While she focuses on striking out on her own, Patriot’s thrown into Aarica’s path so many times that surely Fate has a sense of humor—or a plan. He claims she’s too innocent to be in his company, but she’s determined to convince him otherwise.

With his reputation in ashes, the timing couldn’t be worse for a relationship. But Patriot’s a selfish bastard. As if he’d let her go…

If you love wrong-side-of-the-tracks romance, rough guys who know how to handle themselves and women who don’t back down from anything, click this read!


A woman in peril. A man willing to ride through the flames for her.

He believes she walked away…

Bad ass member of the Dark Falcons Motorcycle Club, Diesel, doesn’t think anything could be worse than the sweet and caring angel who tumbled into his life walking out on him—but he’s wrong. Learning she’s embroiled in a dark and criminal game and needs his help threatens to send him over the edge.

She never thought it would hurt so much.

Loyal to her family to the bitter end, Selena answers a cry to help her sister—then finds her world ripped to shreds. Losing Diesel is the worst part. Their fleeting nights of passion seem like a dream, and just when she’s about to give up all hope…

Diesel will challenge any man who tries to stand in his way of reaching Selena. He may not know a lot about love, but he does understand the word revenge.

A standalone damsel in distress romance with enough heat to rev your engines!



Blade dropped out of high school.
He drinks too much.
He’s the son of a killer.
And he’s in love with a woman so sweet that even looking at her too long will taint her.

Yet Titus, aka Blade, can’t seem to stay away from the clubhouse, where his best friend’s little sister has been hanging out lately. Laying a hand on her would mean strained ties with his buddy…and besides, Juliette is far too good for a man like him.

When Juliette isn’t teaching kindergarten during the day, she is sitting at the Dark Falcons clubhouse. She also can’t keep her eyes off a man named Blade. The scar he sports on his hand doesn’t come close to the ones she sees in his eyes. Trouble is, he won’t make a move toward her.

Then Blade turns to her for help, and Juliette will never be the same. Except bald desire isn’t enough to last for more than one night…or is it?