Mason is having a hell of a time making it through the workday with temptress Eva working mere feet from him. But if he’s going to keep his late father’s dream alive and his logging business afloat, he can’t be distracted. Eventually, temptation wins out and wherever he takes her—to bed, over a fallen tree or against a wall—his passion for domination rages free. Soon she’s wiggled closer to his heart than he ever dreamed possible.

As a widow and mother of a young son, Eva struggles to make ends meet. Her job at Dorsey Forestry would be adequate—if she didn’t secretly dump half her pay back into the company account in order to make up for her late husband’s embezzlement. Her life might be spiraling out of control, but in Mason’s bed, she can let go and feel safe. But she can’t tell him her secret, let alone the state of her heart.


Mar 23: Screwed and Satisfied

Apr 20: Chiseled and Cherished



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