This year’s Cowboy Christmas in Las Vegas promises to be merry and bright. But the real magic is happening outside the rodeo.

This year’s Cowboy Christmas in Las Vegas promises to be merry and bright. But the real magic is happening outside the rodeo.

Dusty Waite comes from a family of world championship bronc riders. His father and older brother have been there, done that, and their gold buckles taunt Dusty at every family gathering. Now he’s the top pick for the win. If luck and skill aren’t on his side, he’ll be a family joke—plus he’ll lose his endorser, Rawhide foods. Losing the money would hurt, but no way will he walk away from the saucy little cowgirl running things.

Avalee Byrd is the marketing mastermind behind Rawhide. The next world championship bronc rider is going to be the face pimping high-energy drinks and power bars made specifically for hardworking cowboys. Trouble is, he’s more than a little distracted—by her. And she’s having a difficult time keeping herself from landing on Planet Ripped-Abs too.

While Avalee struggles to keep from mixing business with pleasure, Dusty is one determined cowboy. He wants the win, the job and the girl. But luck may not be on his side.


Good girls go to Heaven. Bad girls go to Vegas. Especially when they’re alone on Christmas.

When Veronica finds herself on her own this holiday, she does what any sassy young female would do—she calls up her bestie and lures her to Vegas with plane tickets. What could be better than hitting the clubs, having a few too many and…getting your twerk on?

Cutter would rather trade his boots for one of those feather Vegas showgirl outfits than spend Christmas at his big brother’s. But when he does the bump ’n grind on the dance floor with a sexy little filly with the mouth of a trucker, he knows he’s about to get lucky. Except he’s too much of a gentleman—isn’t he?

Veronica will take standing beneath the mistletoe with the blue-eyed, sable-haired cowboy over Aunt Lenora’s fruitcake any day. After all, he’s so darn good at tying knots—with pretty much anything. With only a few short days together, and her friend occupied with two hunky waiters, she has nothing to lose. Except Cutter’s getting a little too intense for just a short fling. Good thing he doesn’t know her real name…


Each must marry to get the land he loves.

All 5 books of the best selling Dalton Boys series in one complete collection.

The Dalton brothers must marry to get a piece of the land they love.

Cowboy Crazy

Cowboy Bargain

Cowboy Crushin'

Cowboy Secret

Cowboy Rush


The Hollis boys do what they want--on their own terms.

In the Old West, cowboys ride free and love just as freely. The Hollis boys do what they want--on their own terms.

Xander is deemed an outlaw when he starts robbing from the rich railroad and giving back to the poor people of Texas. With the help of his smoldering sidekick James, they dig themselves deep in the trenches of trouble and find love with the railroad owner’s daughter, Annabelle in OUTLAWS OF LOVE.

Graham, a dark, tormented ex-soldier for the South, secretly weds a sweet country girl and invites the ire of a plotting ranch hand, as well as some ghosts from his past, in TRAIL OF LUST.

In WILD, WILD HEARTS, Nolan possesses a deep secret. Is losing his family worth standing up for what he wants?


In the heart of Texas is a ranch that specializes in something a little out of the norm...

Warning: This ain’t your daddy’s ranch. Contains cowboys administering sexual therapy to frustrated ladies—and each other. Fresh batteries recommended. You’re gonna need ’em!

The best selling series is hitting you with BOOKS ONE-SIX. If that isn't enough, a hot bonus Valentine's Day novella is added as bonus content. PLUS a sneak peek of the next book in the series! Not convinced? Read that WARNING above again!

Featured Full-Length Novels:
**bonus** Cupid Cowboys


5 short and sexy romances you can read in one sitting! From the cowboy that got away to steamy second chances and forbidden love, these novellas featuring hardworking heroes will fulfill your cowboy craving!


Included in this collection:

Cowboy with Benefits

Dallas Nights

Slick Rider

Spurred On

Stranded and Straddled


After a TV network approaches the six Calhoun family members about doing a rodeo reality show, they jump on the opportunity for even more income needed to keep their ranch in the family.

BUCK and his ex-fiancée must pretend for the cameras…but are they really pretending?

RYDER is learning that the only thing worse than falling for a forbidden woman is doing it in front of reality TV cameras.

RIDGE finds his old childhood friend is the only place he can find comfort. But the cameras are sure to catch him at his worst.

WEST wants to convince the new rodeo doctor that he isn’t the womanizer she believes he is…

LANE never thought he’d find happiness with an older woman, but he’s not off the hook when he wants to leave the reality show.

WYNONNA might be considered the sassy little sister, but she is a woman who knows what she wants—and she’s on a mission.

Six steamy-hot cowboys making bad decisions, the women who won’t stand for less than the man they deserve and enough ranch, rodeo and drama to keep you turning pages. If you’re a fan of Em Petrova’s BOOT KNOCKERS RANCH, grab this box set and hold on for a wild ride!