What’s worse than learning you have a new sidekick? Finding out it’s a know-it-all woman—and she’s banging-hot.


When cattle turn up missing, Wyoming lawman Aiden Roshannon is on the scene. There’s a reason Aiden’s the best at what he does—he only goes by the book. Sure, it’s taking some time to track down the criminals who are stealing and outright butchering the good ranchers’ animals, but he’ll serve them justice in the end.


Amaryllis Long has been a Texas Ranger for five years and her experience trumps anything this newbie operation in Wyoming has seen. She’s locked and loaded, ready to break all the rules if it means getting her criminal cuffed and stuffed in the back of the truck. Only thing is, she needs an extra set of cuffs for her sidekick Aiden. The lawman might be hunky as hell with hidden tattoos and secrets as long as a summer’s day, but she knows best.


Asking Amaryllis to stop and think before she acts is like asking a pig to stop eating. She’s reckless, annoying… and a damn good kisser. Half the time Aiden doesn’t know if he wants to throw her in the back of the truck and have his way with her or hog-tie her and leave her alongside the road. They might both be fighting for the same goal but if they can’t agree on how to handle the situation, how can they succeed?

After moving to small-town Wyoming, Cecily Baker’s day spa is broken into. Which means the sheriff’s on the scene, and he’s dusting for more than prints around her place. When he isn’t piercing her with that deep, intense stare, he’s digging into her past. Turns out she does have a skeleton in her closet—spring break in Vegas left her with a husband she never knew she had.


Judd Roshannon’s totally over his wife leaving him. He just has trust issues. So when Cecily’s name doesn’t exactly check out, his internal sirens are blaring. Too bad he can’t seem to keep away from the woman with the girl-next-door vibe and the curves that keep his neck snapping. With all the break-ins at her spa, he has a good excuse to keep seeing the sexy woman.


Their chemistry’s off the chain, and neither one can keep their eyes, hands or mouths to themselves. Cecily’s even bared her soul, but she suspects Judd’s hiding his true self from her.


Well, of course he’s hiding his true self from her—how can he risk scaring off a woman who means more to him than he’d like to admit?

Wes Roshannon, bounty hunter extraordinaire, always gets his man, but he’s having a tough time looking for the father he never knew. A lead takes him to the doorstep of a local, very private biker club where admittance is exclusive. And can be downright dangerous. Wes is used to putting it all on the line, until he’s blindsided by a vision with long dark hair and flashing eyes.

Stormy thought she was content living in the shadow of the Bighorns giving her dad’s biker club its name, wrapped in the safety of a group she’s come to think of as family. That’s until the big man, asking questions and raking her with his steel gray eyes, has her thinking of living her life on her own terms, away from watchful eyes and parental concern.

Wes is far too involved with the gorgeous brunette to be intimidated by her biker family, and not even her growly, overbearing father will keep Wes away from her. But when he hunts a bail jumper right to the club’s front door, he’s torn between love, loyalty and the law.

Ryan Stone was once called a leader of men. But since leaving the military minus two fingers and a good chunk of his thigh, he’s barely seen or spoken to a human in nearly a year. In the mountains of Wyoming, he’s more than happy with his solitary, off-the-grid lifestyle. So when a certain interfering and crazy-hot photojournalist drops back into his life, he’s shaken by memories of another time and place.


Livvy has existed under extreme conditions to capture the best stories on film. But one battle-zone moment haunts her the most, and she has no choice but to track down the soldier who saved her life. Knocking on the door of his Wyoming cabin to make sure he’s alive is the right thing to do after no one’s heard from him in a year. Not even a glimpse of the recluse’s tangled hair and beard will drive her off the mountain, especially after she finds he could use some rescuing too—from himself.


The last thing Ryan needs is a woman who wants a piece of his future when he doesn’t even have a grip on his past. If she isn’t making him pack up the mountain to rescue a struggling homesteading family, she’s tormenting him with her good cooking…and curves. One thing’s certain, both are too stubborn to give up or give in. And that could just manifest as his worst fear—that nobody else could be so right for him.


Feb 22: Show-Off in Spurs

March 22: Xtreme Behavior

April 19: Rescued by the Cowboy

May 24: Xtreme Affairs


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