No amount of snow and ice can melt this attraction…

Special ops captain Penn Sullivan is no stranger to extreme conditions, but chasing an elusive drug trafficker through the Alaskan wilderness proves a challenge. His beautiful and bossy bush guide claims to know the land better than any high-tech GPS system the military offers and has Penn alternately grinding his teeth with frustration…and from a heavy dose of lust for the bold woman with too much allure for her own good.

First the bush plane belonging to Cora’s daddy is hijacked. Then it goes down in the remote area locals call No Man’s Land. Now a special ops unit with more gadgets and muscles than brains or skills to last in the elements is on a man hunt—and she’s determined to help. But it doesn’t take long before she finds that a big, strong tough-guy like Penn really does know how to keep a woman warm on a frigid mountainside.

Penn never thought he’d struggle to keep his hands off a woman dressed like an abominable snow-woman, and after Cora finds him looking back at her in the same way, it feels like striking gold. When their search goes sideways, one of them must make a sacrifice. Cora is no stranger to taking risks, but no way will Penn let the woman go down without fighting like hell for her.


In the Alaskan wilderness, meeting their match takes on more than one meaning.

Special Operative and second-in-command for the Xtreme Ops team, Harris Lipton, aka Lip, finds himself sidelined after an accident. While laid up, locating a loony in the national forest won’t be easy, especially by shooting off text messages instead of bullets. To make his life more difficult, he’s got a free-spirited granola-type park ranger nursing him—and she’s driving him crazy with a cute factor he never saw coming. 

Jenna is up to her neck in securing a national park from a lunatic with enough C4 to blow off the corner of Alaska, and now she has a better likelihood of surviving a grizzly attack than military man Lipton. The pain in the neck is demanding and bossy with monumental ideas…and enough fire in him to warm her through the coldest of Alaskan nights.

Jenna and Lipton must band together to assist the Xtreme Ops team in stopping the criminal, but they have just enough time on their hands to discover that opposites DO attract. With sparks flying and a heavy mix of chemistry, what they’re discovering is how to create some fireworks of their own. 


He doesn’t break rules—but she could tempt him past his limits.

Special Operative Alix Broshears will do anything for his Xtreme Ops and country, but breaking rules isn’t one of them. After a string of deaths is linked to a man locked up for another crime, Broshears and his team are racing against the clock to stop him before another person dies. Bringing in the gorgeous handler for a local K-9 unit makes sense—unless you ask Broshears’ libido. When it comes to the intelligent woman who thinks on her feet better than most men he’s worked with, his control is tested every damn minute.

But trusting a woman who breaks all the rules can’t end well, and they both know it.

Vivian Valentine is up for the challenge of joining the special ops team on yet another mission with her K-9 partner, Zack. Driven by the thrill of the job, she’s also determined to prove her worth to a certain special operative who takes arguing with her seriously.

Sure, they hate each other. They’re also friends.

And there might have been one encounter in a restroom, but they don’t discuss that.

Broshears and Vivian must work in close proximity to solve the crime—and whether they kill each other or wind up in bed is anyone’s guess. But when someone turns on her, Broshears must make a hard choice. Will he stick to his beliefs or throw away the rule book in order to save her?



Feb 22: Show-Off in Spurs

March 22: Xtreme Behavior

April 19: Rescued by the Cowboy

May 24: Xtreme Affairs


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