Their lives are on the line. So are their hearts…

Captain Penn Sullivan was no stranger to deadly conditions. So, he’s more than ready to chase an elusive drug trafficker through the Alaskan wilderness. But nothing could’ve prepared him for his untimely attraction to the beautiful, bossy bush guide who claims to know the land better than his military GPS.

Cora doesn’t need a special ops unit with more muscles than brains to find the hijacked plane. She’s perfectly capable of figuring out where it went down on her own. But that doesn’t mean she can’t appreciate having a strong, sexy guy like Penn around to keep her warm on the frigid mountainside.

When the mission goes sideways, it’s not long before Penn and Cora realize they’ll do anything to keep each other safe. Even if it takes extreme measures…


Jenna has a better likelihood of surviving a grizzly attack than military man Lipton.

Special Operative and second-in-command for the Xtreme Ops team, Harris Lipton, aka Lip, finds himself sidelined after an accident. Then he’s saddled with a free-spirited hippie park ranger set on nursing him—and driving him crazy with a cute factor he never saw coming.  

Pain-in-the-neck Lipton is demanding and bossy with monumental ideas about nabbing the park bomber…but he does have enough fire in him to warm her through the coldest of Alaskan nights.

While they band together with the Xtreme Ops team to stop the criminal, they find enough time alone to discover that opposites DO attract. With sparks flying and a heavy mix of sexy chemistry, danger and passion, what they’re discovering is how to create some fireworks of their own in this extreme adventure.


This special operative and a K-9 handler must work in close proximity to catch a bomber.  And they might kill each other--or wind up in bed. 

After a string of deaths is linked to a man locked up for another crime, Special Operative Alix Broshears and his team are racing against the clock to stop him before another person dies. Bringing in the gorgeous handler for a local K-9 unit makes sense—unless you ask Broshears’ libido. When it comes to the intelligent woman who thinks on her feet, his control is tested every damn minute.

Vivian Valentine is up for the challenge of joining the team on yet another mission with her K-9 partner, Zack. She’s also determined to prove her worth to a certain special operative who takes arguing with her seriously.

Sure, they hate each other. They’re also friends.

And there might have been one encounter in a closet, but they don’t discuss that.

Despite their strained ties, when Broshears learns Vivian’s in peril, the race is on to save her. Nothing can keep him from holding back his wrath against their enemies…or his feelings for the woman he’s determined to rescue. 


A scarred special operative meets his match with the woman determined to save him from himself.

It was just a little accident—but it changed his life.

Special Xtreme Ops team, River Hepburn wakes in the hospital to the sight of Sacha—his best friend’s little sister—watching over him. Their emotional bond over her brother’s death is undeniable, but he isn’t prepared to feel more. All he wants to do is return to the line of duty.

Accident and injuries are words Sascha Lacey understands, but the name connected with them take her by surprise. Agreeing to nurse River’s injuries is the easy part, but dealing with his brand of stubbornness is far from it. Nor is she prepared for is his fiery kisses —or the emotions that blossom from the heat. Except River is different…a changed man from the boy who left small-town Texas.

Guilt and ghosts of the past can’t stop River’s raw urges when it comes to keeping his hands off Sascha, but what are few scorching nights of passion? Sascha may find his stubborn streak irritating, but can she trust the changed man with her heart?


The mafia, a smuggling ring and the wilds of Alaska are no match for this special operative. But a brazen redhead might be.

Elias Gasper’s known as the do-it-all guy. From HALO jumps to calming hostages, he’s on it. When he stumbles across a woman in hiding, he meets a new challenge in getting her to talk. While he’s willing to add breaking through her silence to his list of skills, fighting his attraction still needs work.

Ruby Ryan is an alias, but doing anything it takes to save herself is real. She’s used to switching sides, so cozying up to a hunky military man proves easy…maybe a little too easy. Not only are his kisses irresistible, but he has a way of making her laugh—something she hasn’t done in a long time.

Gasper’s abilities are tested even more when he must choose between helping his team and saving the strong woman with a hidden sweet side. His motto of “quitters never win” is his driving force, because for this mission, he’s going to defend his teammates as well as the woman he’d give his life for.

Sparks fly and the steam rises off the pages of this smoldering military romance. Enemies to lovers, all the action and a few corny jokes are sure to keep you reading well past bedtime!


He’s too dangerous to be kidnapped. Guess she proved him wrong.

After a major leg wound, Special Operative Chris Paxton is about to finally leave the facility where he’s been recovering. So when he wakes up with no clue where he’s at or who’s holding him at gunpoint, things are about to get lethal.


Jersey has no choice but to find herself a bodyguard. Who better than a man sporting enough military tattoos to be his own platoon? She hopes this guy’s as bad-ass as he looks because her family is out for blood—hers. Not only are they gunning for her but the clock is ticking before more people die. With so much at stake, she doesn’t have time for Paxton’s cocky smiles or rough hands…so why does she keep giving in?


Saying no to Jersey’s cry for help isn’t possible, and Paxton’s locked and loaded for an all-out war against her big gang family. What neither of them are prepared for is the tight bond their steamy encounters mark them with, leaving them far too aware that when it’s all over, both of them have to walk away…and that bond will have to snap.


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