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Xtreme Defender

Rebel Mission Temp.jpeg

Turns out the line between love and hate is as thin as mountaintop air…

Bryson Tripp has two missions. The first? Hunting down homegrown terrorists with the Xtreme Ops team. The second is far more personal. He will find his niece’s killer, and he will get revenge. Nothing’s going to stand in his way. Especially not his attraction to the sexy detective who thinks he’s a murderer…

Alexia Oaks will do whatever it takes to close the investigation, even if it means working closely with the number one suspect. Getting answers out of the lethal former Navy SEAL won’t be easy. Neither will keeping her mind—and hands—off the impossibly hot jerk.

All it takes is a little forced proximity to test the very limits of Bryson and Alexia’s self-control. But when the truth comes out, can the fragile bonds they’ve only just begun to forge survive?

Action and adventure meets enemies to lovers in this steamy and spicy, contemporary military romance. 1-click your copy of Xtreme Defender now and binge the entire Xtreme Ops series.

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