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Bedroom Rodeo

Bedroom Rodeo

Fantasy fulfillment is their job. And they’re willing to work especially hard for her…

When  lawyer Sylvee got married, she thought it’d be forever. It wasn’t. Now,  she’s on her own, without the baby she’d always dreamed of. Visiting  her two oldest friends in Alaska seems like the perfect escape from her  problems, but she didn’t expect the trip to be so…hot.

Piers  and his best friend (and long-time lover) Ash have a few reasons for  calling Sylvee. The fact that they’ve been pining for her their whole  lives is only one of them. They know she can help unravel the legal  situation that’s cropped up at Boot Knockers Ranch. And, they can help her fulfill her every steamy, dirty, taboo fantasy.

When  Piers and Ash learn Sylvee wants a baby more than anything, they’d love  to give her one, even though it would cost them their jobs at the  ranch. They’ll have to figure it out, though. Because once they get  their hands—and mouths—on Sylvee, one thing is certain…letting her go is  not an option.

Bedroom  Rodeo, book 12 in the Boot Knocker’s Ranch series, is a super-spicy MMF  romance featuring a heroine who isn’t as damaged as she thinks she is,  and the two men who’ll stop at nothing to give her a happily ever after.  Download today!

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