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Cupid Cowboys

Cupid Cowboys

The Boot Knockers are back with a Valentine's Day novella. You know this will be a short, hot treat...

She has more than heart-shaped cakes on her mind this Valentine’s Day. And they can’t quit thinking about her heart-shaped buns.

LeeLee has a secret—she has two lovers. Or at least she does in her very dirty fantasies about Jared and Brock, two of the sexiest men ever to walk the Boot Knockers Ranch. Each time one of them—or SWOON, both—walk into her kitchen, she has the urge to tear off her chef’s apron and paint her entire body with whipped cream.

Jared and Brock are sick and tired of dancing around their favorite sweetheart, and this Valentine’s Day, they’ve got it all planned. A locked kitchen door, a curvy chef with a wicked sharp tongue… and enough chocolate to cover her from head to toe.

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