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Ropin' a Romeo

Ropin' a Romeo

Lil thought her thong was all she’d lose in this game of poker. The stakes are higher than she thought.

On the Boot Knockers Ranch, anything goes, especially the clothes. And definitely if you’re playing poker with the hot Cajun named Bastian. Lil’s spent far too many late nights with the cowboy listening to him call by her despised full name in his Louisiana drawl. So why won’t she just walk away? Running a ranch on three hours’ sleep can’t be worth the teasing or his dark stare that leaves her squirming.

Bastian has been in love with Lil since he first clapped eyes on her, but she’s got rules about no Boot Knockers in her bed. Good thing Bastian knows she has a weakness when it comes to wagers—and her loss is both their gain. While he loves fun as much as the next cowboy, he has something important to tell her—something that will change her world and the future of the ranch. His secret’s big enough to get him booted out of her life forever, but he’s not going anywhere.

Could a hand of cards solve the biggest argument between them of all time? Bastian knows one thing’s for certain—Lil’s a bettin’ woman.

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