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Stud Ranch

Stud Ranch

Her confidence is shattered…until she falls into the strong arms of her past—and his best friend’s rough hands.

As  a model, Sloane is objectified and treated badly by men—even her baby  daddy. He might be good at sending money, but he still gave up when  things got tough. Now that her daughter is older, Sloane is ready for  some adult time. What better than a week at The Boot Knockers Ranch in  Alaska, being pampered…and pleasured…by hunky cowboys? It might even  take her mind off the man she can’t seem to forget.

When Shaw’s  career as an NHL hockey player ends—and his relationship too—he heads to  Alaska with the hope of fulfilling his dream of coaching hockey.  Working as a sex therapist on the Boot Knockers Ranch wasn’t in the  plan, but it has its benefits. At least until the woman who stole his  heart shows up and rocks his peaceful world.

Dylan is an up-and-coming competitive bull rider, but in the off-season, he enjoys other pursuits  of the steamy variety. His latest client, a bombshell with a past and  more than enough curves to keep him in her bed…or in the hay, is his top  priority. She’s sultry yet sweet—and her ex happens to be the one man  Dylan can’t stay away from either.

When all three of their worlds  collide, the sparks are enough to burn down the Alaskan wilderness. But  can their hearts survive the blaze of passion, or will their personal  battles end land them heartache?

If  you love second chances, and a hockey player and a bull rider fighting  over the woman they can’t live without, 1-CLICK this reverse harem  cowboy romance and BINGE READ the entire Boot Knockers Ranch series!

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