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The Boot Knocker's Baby

The Boot Knocker's Baby

A hot summer fling rocked his world…and changed hers forever.

Shayne isn’t sowing his wild oats—being a Boot Knocker is his life. He loves helping the women who come to The Boot Knockers Ranch, and the Montana mountains fulfill his passion for the outdoors. But there’s an opening in Texas and they want him to make the move. Then a sexy little temptress from his past shows up and leaves him spinning like a twister on the plains.

Jolie thought the memories of that scorching hot cowboy were just a passing storm cloud in her sunny life. Then she saw those two little lines on a stick. With the father of her child off being a Boot Knocker with God knows how many women, Jolie focuses on her child and her future—and the man who wants to marry her. But it’s only right to let Shayne know about his child, right?

Shayne’s struggled to get Jolie out of his system, but now that he’s seen a picture of his baby girl, guilt floods in. He left them high and dry, even if he knew nothing about his daughter. And now Jolie is asking him to sign his parental rights over to a man who wants to take care of them both. Does Shayne let all of it go and take the easy road? Maybe creating a family with the woman he dreams about IS the easy road.

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