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Wrangled Up

Wrangled Up

It’ll take more than rope to tie down the man they love.

Heartsick cowboy Tucker couldn’t be more knotted up. Between grieving his fiancée and being pressured by a coal company to sign over mineral rights to his land, he’s boots-deep in emotional turmoil. On top of that, he and Claire are getting too close for comfort.

Then there’s his buddy Christian and that smokin’-hot night of passion the three of them shared.

So what’s a confused cowboy to do? He runs.

Christian and Claire are left caring for their lover’s ranch—and each other. But when Tucker returns, flying fists and aching hearts might break them apart forever…or is their bulldogged determination just the glue they need to bond all three?

If a dose of angsty love and two steamy cowboys serving their cowgirl is your thing, 1-click WRANGLED UP now and then BINGE the entire Menage a Trouble series!

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