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Cowboy Surprise

Cowboy Surprise

Family ties run deep in the heart of Texas.

Who knew that having the Dalton looks—dark hair and blue eyes—would deem Justus as a trustworthy person? That’s exactly what happens when a friend of the family turns up on the Dalton Ranch and thrusts a baby at him to watch because nobody else is home. After she leaves, he realizes he doesn’t even know her name—or how to care for an infant.

Tuesday is one of the most sought-out hairstylists in three counties, and she’s got problems. Not only is she raising her irresponsible teen sister’s baby as her own but she is shorthanded in the babysitter department. And boy does she dump a surprise on that cute cousin of the Daltons’ when she asks him to watch the infant so she doesn’t lose her client.

Justus finds himself helping out the busy single mom several times, and he can’t help but admire more than her sexy curves. Tuesday is mouthy and knows what she wants, two things his momma would claim as his traits too. She’s looking to provide a home and a good life for the child she’s adopted, but Justus makes her stop and smell the sweet grasses… as they tumble in them, that is. Things are heating up, and he doesn’t want to walk away. But is he cut out for fatherhood and if so, would this single-minded, strong woman let him in?

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