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Cowboy Temptation

Cowboy Temptation

Family ties run deep in the heart of Texas. Is there room in Paradise Valley for three more Daltons?

Lilah Sherman was a geeky teen who loved sci-fi—and Easton Dalton. He even kissed her at a Halloween party, but she found out later it was a bet. Now he’s back and working alongside her brother as a hand on his uncle’s ranch in Paradise Valley and whoooeee, is he smokin’ hot. And it turns out he wants to kiss her again, not that she’ll ever let him—or let him live it down that he saddled her with the nickname Lizard Lilah.

Easton’s had some hang-ups recently over a pretty bartender who finally gave in to his advances, only to receive the cold shoulder afterward. But men with a stinging pride know when to walk away, and this cowboy is putting his boots on new soil. The land is all he needs from here on out. At least until he spots a beautiful filly with a familiar hint of strawberry in her blonde hair and a set of lips he’s hell-bent on kissin’.

Each time Lilah lands in Easton’s arms, she struggles to keep her head on straight, but the cowboy with the wicked gleam in his Dalton blue eyes keeps ripping her off-balance. Running from his advances is the only way to go, especially when he’s only helping out his relatives and destined to leave her brokenhearted. But Easton can be very persuasive, and he knows just how to pluck the strings of this not-so-gawky woman’s heart.

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