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Dalton Boys Collection 10-12

Dalton Boys Collection 10-12

It takes a lot to impress a Dalton girl.

Cowgirl Dreamer -- Gracie can’t seem to get one step ahead of Noble for long, but she won’t back down from a good challenge. When things go haywire on the ranch, she and Noble have no choice but to band together and make things work. Seems to Noble, Gracie was right—she IS good at everything—especially kissin’.

Cowgirl Miracle -- Family feud or deep, dark secret? Jessamine Dalton is determined to uncover the reason why one branch of the family tree broke off and headed north to Colorado decades ago. Hitting the road to visit their distant relations seems perfect—she’ll get away from her interfering sisters, and making a proper family tree will double as a Christmas gift for the entire Dalton clan, right? Trouble is, Jessamine’s expected back in time for the festivities… and well, Colorado winters are unpredictable.

Cowgirl Heart -- It’s not easy being a Dalton, let alone the last unmarried one of the Texas bunch. Keziah, or Kizzy, is drained by all the family weddings, and her sisters keep trying to rope and tie her to any old cowboy in the county. To ensure this doesn’t happen, she takes off for the big city and a job as assistant to none other than the smart, savvy and sexy KC Cohen, the mortgage company billionaire who sees her as something more than a cowgirl.

Three steamy small-town cowboy romances and the strong women who choose to walk at their side. 1-click now and start The Dalton Boys family saga!

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