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Blade dropped out of high school.
He drinks too much.
He’s the son of a killer.
And he’s in love with a woman so sweet that even looking at her too long will taint her.

Yet Titus, aka Blade, can’t seem to stay away from the clubhouse, where his best friend’s little sister has been hanging out lately. Laying a hand on her would mean strained ties with his buddy…and besides, Juliette is far too good for a man like him.

When Juliette isn’t teaching kindergarten during the day, she is sitting at the Dark Falcons clubhouse. She also can’t keep her eyes off a man named Blade. The scar he sports on his hand doesn’t come close to the ones she sees in his eyes. Trouble is, he won’t make a move toward her.

Then Blade turns to her for help, and Juliette will never be the same. Except bald desire isn’t enough to last for more than one night…or is it?

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