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He’s fighting a losing battle when it comes to her…

Logan, aka Patriot, earned his nickname by fighting for the underdog. Only this time he’s the one being crushed under the weight of injustice when his club comes under fire with the law. While he and his brothers fight to find the true criminal, a certain reserved brunette keeps popping up everywhere he goes, making it even more impossible to ignore the things he feels for her.

Can she make him see their ages don’t matter?

While she focuses on striking out on her own, Patriot’s thrown into Aarica’s path so many times that surely Fate has a sense of humor—or a plan. He claims she’s too innocent to be in his company, but she’s determined to convince him otherwise.

With his reputation in ashes, the timing couldn’t be worse for a relationship. But Patriot’s a selfish bastard. As if he’d let her go…

If you love wrong-side-of-the-tracks romance, rough guys who know how to handle themselves and women who don’t back down from anything, click this read!

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