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Cocky in a Cowboy Hat

Rebel Mission Temp.jpeg

A ranch on the auction block. Two bidders. Only one can win.

Liberty Baker’s dream to raise horses and settle in the small town of Crossroads all comes down to an auction bid. Within heartbeats, her dreams crash and burn as Mr. Bulging Pockets steps in and swipes the ranch out from under her. The fact he’s a hunky bachelor—with an icy blue stare so direct she feels it in places no woman ever should—only makes things worse when he proposes that she should become his ranch hand.

She has an idea of the kind of hand he needs, and washing his dishes and picking up his dirty socks isn’t her thing. Then she remembers why she wanted the ranch in the first place…it’s a safe haven after her bitter divorce.

With a bigger cattle herd and more land, Aidan Bellamy really could use Liberty’s help. Sharing a house is just a living arrangement, right? Convincing himself will be difficult when she parades around with her toned thighs peeking out of her nightshirt and he discovers her in his Jacuzzi more than once. A self-proclaimed bachelor isn’t blind to the fact that women Liberty’s age are lookin’ for a big man to take care of them, and while he might have invited her into this deal, nobody’s sinking her hooks into him.

At least until he learns of the threats against her. No matter how hard he tries to resist, the solution’s staring him in the face.

There’s only one answer left.

It’s marry her and save her from losing it all or let her burn.

Only one look from Liberty sets him aflame. And one touch from Aidan might start a wildfire of emotions neither want to face.

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