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Show-Off in Spurs

Rebel Mission Temp.jpeg

Sometimes attraction isn’t enough, but it might be a start.

One wild romp with a sexy stranger leads to more…

When ranch hand Theo Sutton runs into a hot chick at the local small-town winery, things get more than a little wild in the back of his truck. The encounter leaves him wanting more, but he has other heavy issues weight on him in the form of a runaway kid who keeps making trouble on the ranch.

But maybe Theo has a little time to spare for the beautiful widow of a bull rider, even if she only wants him to warm her bed on occasion.

Sadie can’t be too careful with her heart.

The last thing she needs is another daredevil man who ends up leaving her. Besides, she’s too focused on getting a fresh start in Crossroads and building her fixer upper consulting business. But she can’t seem to stay away from Theo despite the risks to her heart.

With pressures coming at them both from every direction, Sadie and Theo must choose between throwing it all away…or fighting for the happily ever after they deserve.

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