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After MidKnight

After MidKnight

Who knew second chances could get better—and hotter—after midnight?

Even special operatives make mistakes. Roades Knight knows that better than anyone. As punishment for the mission he muddled up, he’s officially off duty. But his dreams of quiet time spent fishing vanish when he gets a frantic call from his ex.

No matter what, he will help her. And this time, he won’t let her down.

Carissa’s island home is a disaster. Literally. Hurricane Maria left nothing but turmoil in her wake. Supplies are limited, and gangs of tyrants are stealing from the people who them most. Among the thieves? Her own brother. She knows Roades can get through to him. What she doesn’t know if she can stop herself for falling for the hardened operative—again.

Can Roades and Carissa find their happily ever after somewhere between keeping her brother out of trouble and helping rebuild a ravaged land?

After MidKnight, book 4 in the Knight Ops series, is a steamy, sexy, action-packed romantic suspense read featuring a smart heroine and the battled-weary, alpha, warrior hero who falls in love with her—again. Download today and let the binge reading begin.

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