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Heat of the Knight

Heat of the Knight

Cracking codes is easy, but deciphering this hot special operative might be worth her time…

Sean Knight is second in command of Knight Ops, a task force that’s quickly gaining notoriety as a top special ops force. While Sean enjoys showing off his tactical skills on life-threatening missions, he also loves coming home to Louisiana to relax and do some catfishin’… and hunting for sexy females to warm his bed.

Known as one of the best in her field, Elise is recruited to help locate a missing nuclear warhead. Showing off her skills is just as stimulating as putting the special operative in his place. Sean Knight is cocky and exactly the type of man she wants to avoid, but each passing night spent cracking codes it’s harder to stay on task. Who can blame her when Sean is packing so much heat?

If she’s forced to be in close proximity to him, at least she can appreciate those rough hands and find out for herself just how well-equipped and trained he is between the sheets. But with dangers lurking and things about to blow, they can’t afford distractions…or risk their hearts. But what if it means happily ever after?

Action, skill and steamy moments await you in this smoldering military romance. If you love the Xtreme Ops team, head South with the Knight Ops and find your next book boyfriends! 1-click now!

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