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Knight Shift

Knight Shift

Betraying her family could get her killed. But then again, so could staying with them…

Fleur Sutton was in the wrong place at the wrong time and saw something she shouldn’t have. And since people who testify against her mafia family don’t tend to live for very long, running was her best bet. She never thought she’d run right into a sexy special ops guy who seemed willing to protect her at any cost. But trusting him (and falling for him) would be an epic mistake…wouldn’t it?

Chaz Knight had a good idea what he’d find in the underground gambling room, but nothing could’ve prepared him for her. Something about the polished princess beating all the sharks at their own game was irresistible to him, and with one look, he knew two things. First, she was innocent. And second, the lengths he was willing to go to protect her were…shocking. Especially to him.

If they play their cards right, Fleur and Chaz might have a shot at happily ever after. But the road there will be rough—and potentially deadly…

If action, adventure and steamy special operatives are your thing, 1-CLICK KNIGHT SHIFT today and Binge the entire KNIGHT OPS SERIES!

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