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Ruthless Promise


Landscape Magazine



Some things are off limits for a reason, but when a girl like Meadow is practically begging for punishment, how can Colton say no?

After a special ops mission goes south, Colton returns to his small home town, determined to honor the promise he made when his platoon brother was dying in his arms: to look after the man’s little sister, Meadow.

He didn’t know that promise would mean working on a mountainside ranch, raising cattle while she trained the horses. Or that his new boss would be his friend’s father - a man who doesn’t hide his contempt that Colton caused the death of his only son.

Which is what makes what comes next even harder, because the ranch isn’t helping subdue Colton’s bad boy nature any more than the military did…and while taking his boss’s daughter’s virginity seems unconscionable when he’s already taken his boss’s son’s life, Meadow’s relentless teasing sparks Colton darkest streak yet.

Scroll up and one click to start reading this Military Cowboy Romance today and see if Colton can teach the ranch brat a lesson, or if her refusal to obey will land them both in a world of trouble neither could have imagined

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