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Range of Motion

Range of Motion

She’s tougher than he thinks. She’s also more vulnerable than she wants to admit…

When it comes to two things—his special ops team and women—Lennon is never in over his head. But after a hot chick invites him as her date to her ex’s wedding, he’s not sure what he got himself into. He wants to see more of her—okay, all of her. Trouble is, he has no idea how to lure this evasive beauty between his sheets.

From birth, Edie’s always been the underdog. Even her father didn’t claim her. All her life, she’s fought to get people to take her seriously, and in the tough field of journalism, that isn’t easy. Fighting for what she wants is the norm, but putting herself in that situation still requires guts she doesn’t always believe she has.

When Lennon discovers the woman he desires has so many buried secrets it will take some hefty explosives to shake them loose, he feels a little betrayed, slightly pissed… and very protective. He’s not about to let her face down danger alone, but Edie doesn’t need some chiseled macho man trying to break through her carefully constructed web of lies… or her heart.

A tough guy protecting his woman from danger...and making sure her heart is safe too. All the steamy romantic suspense you crave and enough hot moments to set your pages on fire! 1-CLICK RANGE OF MOTION NOW! Binge the entire Ranger Ops series!

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