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Target in Range

Target in Range

She's capable of saving herself...but having a hot special operative as backup sure is nice...

Avery Aarons believes it’s fate that she will die by the hand of a criminal. As a child, she hid in a cupboard while men ransacked their home. In college, she met with an attacker walking home on campus. After that, going into law enforcement is her only path to protect herself and others who can’t. She’s never felt so empowered, until she ends up in the wrong place without backup.

When Jess Monet attends a CPR refresher course and runs into the sexy brown-eyed officer his special ops team helped out, he’s just as impressed this time around. He must admit, Avery’s got some pretty damn good moves on the CPR dummy too, though Jess has had his fill of rejection lately and is reluctant to pursue more than a friendship with the tough, beautiful woman. He also knows she’s completely right for him.

While on a short hiatus from her job due to an investigation, Avery has no idea what to do with her time. Spending it with the hunky special ops man is driving her to distraction, though, and she wishes he’d just make a move. Preferably one that lands them both naked in bed. Too soon fate comes after her again, and this time she’s sure it’s the end for her. But Jess isn’t about to let anything happen to the woman he’s growing too fond of to deny… the only woman who can rescue him right back.

What happens when two strong people collide? Sparks fly between the sheets. All the action and adventure and passion to keep you turning pages long into the night! 1-CLICK TARGET IN RANGE now!

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