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Within Range

Within Range

When trouble walks in, there’s no choice but to hold on tight for the ride.

Two years before, Shaw Woodward watched the love of his life walk down the aisle to another man. Since then, life has kicked him in the balls and lifted him up several times. Just so happens he’s on the downward dip of that cycle right now. After a difficult mission in the Ranger Ops unit, he’s struggled to keep his focus, and his captain is forcing him to seek help. He just never expected to walk into the shrink’s office to find the woman he loved seated behind the desk in sexy secretary glasses with her blonde hair in a confining bun he wants to unravel.

Atalee Franklin has experienced a lot of highs and lows lately—a marriage and a divorce to name a couple. As a psychologist, she’s passionate about helping people through their most difficult moments, but then in walks Shaw, the gorgeous, muscled friend of her ex-husband, and also some of the reason her marriage failed. With another shot at a relationship in his sights, can Shaw actually get his head clear enough to move forward?

Leaving the Ranger Ops isn’t even a possibility—the only way they’ll strip him from the unit is by putting him in the ground. Atalee only wants Shaw to find peace while doing something he loves, though her worries for him are real. Losing him a second time isn’t even an option...

If second chance romance and big, hot military men have you up all night long turning those pages, then Shaw is your next book boyfriend! 1-CLICK WITHIN RANGE NOW! Binge the entire Ranger Ops series!

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