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What if the man you’re in love with isn’t the one you plan to marry?

Wynonna Calhoun is a barrel racing champion and reality TV star. She’s sick of both of those roles and is ready to settle down like her brothers and work more with her horses. She’s also newly engaged, but everyone’s saying her fiancé isn’t right for her. Even the ranch foreman, Maverick, has put in his two cents on the topic, and he has no right when he avoids her like she’s just rolled in manure.

No freakin’ way is Mav letting Wynonna marry an asshole like that. Her daddy would rise from his grave if he knew, and Mav won’t let the Calhoun princess make the mistake of walking down the aisle with a man who’s soft. Especially since Mav knows all too well that she likes ‘em rough. Mav struggles to keep his hands off the brazen redheaded mistress of sass, but he’s no good for anyone, not with his history. Besides, he’s too old for her.

Wynonna wishes Mav would own up to his feelings about her. She can’t help but think his troubles are rooted back in Oregon at his family’s feet, and she’s due for a vacation anyhow. But when she winds up deliriously ill, she only calls out for one man, and it isn’t the one she’d planned on marrying. Now she needs a plan to make him realize he’s perfect for her.

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