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Dirty Justice

Dirty Justice

He’ll do whatever it takes to win her back—even if it means fighting dirty

When Navy SEAL AJ Apollo vanished, everyone thought he was dead. Even his girlfriend. But now he’s back and ready to pick up where they left off. Too bad a terrorist cell—and the love of his life—have no intention of making it easy for him…

ICE agent Indika Devi let Apollo slip through her defenses, and she’s regretted it ever since. She mourned him for years, and now he thinks he can waltz right back into her life? No way. She’ll help him complete his latest mission, but she will not fall for him. Not again, anyway…

If Apollo wants a second chance at happily ever after, he needs to neutralize the terrorist threat and earn back Indika’s trust—and heart. Shouldn’t be terribly difficult for a man who managed to come back from the dead…right?

Second-chance steamy romance is packing all the emotions in this military action and adventure romance. 1-CLICK your copy of DIRTY JUSTICE and binge-read the entire SEAL Team Blackout series!

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