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Rebel Mission

Rebel Mission

He’s combat ready. But keeping his hands off her might be his biggest battle yet…

Special operator Orlando Frost lives to fight for those who can’t defend themselves. So when a terrorist threatens innocent civilians with a deadly toxin, he’s up to the task of hunting them down and neutralizing the threat. He was not, however, prepared to fight his attraction to the brilliant and sexy infectious disease doctor he’s partnered with.

Eden Lowood spent years training for this day. Now, it’ll take all her knowledge to thwart a potentially devastating biological attack. Romance should be the last thing on her mind. But it’s not. Because the hot, charming military man she’s working with seems determined to break down the walls she’s spent so much time building around her wounded heart…

The plan is simple. Stop the bad guy, get the girl. Easy for someone like Frost, right? Maybe. But only if he’s willing to fight dirty.

Good thing all’s fair in love and war…

If you love unstoppable steamy romance and a tough military hero brought to his knees by a brainy doctor, 1-CLICK this romantic suspense novel and get your dose of action and adventure! Also BINGE the SEAL TEAM BLACKOUT series!

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