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Savage Pawn

Savage Pawn

She’s smart enough to know better, except when it comes to the SEAL trying to hack her heart.

SEAL Team Blackout Special Operator Drew Gunnison’s motto of duty, honor and integrity fit right in when given missions most special forces fail at. On their latest op to uncover who’s funding the international terrorist, the team’s been after, Gunnison is more than confident that his talent with technology will save the day. He’s prepared for any situation…until he’s partnered with a stunning hacker whose sexy librarian vibes have him even more eager for the long work days ahead.

Kit Wells has been working as a white hat hacker for the government for years. She possesses all the skills necessary to stop this terrorist in his tracks. But working alongside a man whose abilities almost measure up to hers is getting a little distracting. He can’t seem to keep his hands to himself. Or maybe she’s to blame. Either way, the steam in the office is making them both hot and bothered.

Gunnison and Kit might be able to crack the security codes of the people transferring enormous amounts of cryptocurrency and diamonds, but overcoming his need to keep her at arm’s length is harder. Just when she thinks she’s found a way into his heart, a secret is revealed about her true identity that threatens to end their hot, dirty affair…and wreck the mission.

A hot and steamy romantic suspense involving a SEAL and a woman wearing the SEXIEST pair of glasses… If action and adventure and a bodyguard protector who likes to talk dirty to his brainiac lover is your thing, 1-CLICK SAVAGE PAWN and BINGE the entire SEAL TEAM BLACKOUT series!

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