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Sweet Refuge

Sweet Refuge

She can’t afford any distractions…then he comes along. Will these tough SEALs stay alive long enough to get their second chance at love?

As the only female on the deep ops Blackout team, Lena Graham can’t afford to be just one of the guys—she needs to be better than them. That’s why her big secret needs to remain buried along with her even bigger mistake. She can’t afford to slip up again with Overstreet, the sexy SEAL on the other Blackout team, no matter how many times the hot alpha awakens her body with his demands. But when she learns he’s in trouble—and she’s the only one who can find him—it’s time to show him who really wears the pants.

Slade Overstreet hoped that heading south of the border on leave might give him the distance he needs from the tough yet sweet woman who owns his every thought. But after he’s attacked and taken hostage, who walks back into his life but the one woman he’s trying to shake? He never expected Lena would be putting them both into danger or that the danger they’re in doesn’t involve setting fire to the sheets.

Time is running out, and Overstreet will do anything to get Lena out alive. Except the stubborn woman won’t listen to reason, and now he’s facing the bigger fear that they won’t live long enough to get that second chance. With their hearts and lives already on the line, yet another surprise ramps up the stakes—it seems that the one smoldering night between them is the best reason of their lives to quit this dark game…and stay together.

Secrets and naughty nights of passion result in ALL the surprises in this action and adventure romance novel. If you crave some smolder with your suspense, SWEET REFUGE is your next read! 1-CLICK NOW and also binge the entire SEAL Team Blackout series!

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