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Wicked Instinct

Wicked Instinct

Temptation and spy games never mix. But that won’t stop them from trying…

Special Operator Connor Lachlan is stronger than ever, proving that not even a biowarfare attack can keep himdown for long. His new mission? Stop the terrorist distributing military weapons to civilians. He knows he’ll succeed. Whether or not he’ll be able to keep his hands off the sexy government liaison he’s partnered with…well, that remains to be seen.

Anastasy Kria spent years undercover, and Lach’s team blew it for her in less than a day. Now she’s stuck working with the cocky former SEAL who seems to delight in driving her crazy. So what if his intense stares and hot kisses rob her of rational thought? She has zero time for romance, especially with someone as impossible as him.

With more weapons hitting the streets every day, the stakes have never been higher. But if they call on every wicked instinct they have, Lach and Anastasy should come out of this in one piece. The only real question is if the same can be said for their hearts.

This SEAL has all the skills to fight battles and keep his woman VERY satisfied. If you’re a fan of action flickson Christmas, romantic dinners in Paris and dark secrets excite you, 1-CLICK WICKED INSTINCT and also BINGE the entire SEAL TEAM BLACKOUT series!

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