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Six-Pack Rancher

Something tells her she is not in Hollywood anymore…

Actress Bellarose Abbott is out of her element. The moment her jet touched down in rural Washington State, she was in another world. The big hats and boots were one thing, but now she’s expected to ride a horse for this role? Crazy! And if all that wasn’t bad enough, the grumpy cowboy hired to teach her is as sexy as he is exasperating. This is going to be one long shoot…

Kingsley Yates has one goal—and working on a TV series is not it. But if he wants to realize his dream of establishing a thoroughbred horse bloodline on his ranch, he can’t afford to turn down the show’s lucrative offer. And really…how much of a pain in the backside can one irritating, drop-dead gorgeous actress really be?

They’re complete opposites from different worlds. Is there room for a happily ever after somewhere between her glitz and glamour and his rugged, brooding ways?

Bellarose and King are about to find out…the hard way…

If you're a fan of opposites attract romance and steamy-hot scenes with all the feels, 1-click 6-Pack Rancher and binge now!

Six-Pack Rancher
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