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Six-Pack Wrangler

Happily ever after endings don’t just happen. You have to make them happen…

Aria has been an observer in her own life for far too long. She fell into acting, stumbled into a relationship, and ended up with a fiancé she doesn’t want. Well, she’s done being passive. And while escaping, runaway-bride style, wasn’t exactly her plan, she’ll make it work. Finding a new romance is the last thing she needs. Until she meets a grumpy, sexy cowboy who makes her re-think everything

Wheeler is not passive by nature. But being laid up with a broken foot is forcing him to realize he can’t always be in control. He just never thought the person who’d end up helping him with his horses would be a Hollywood actress on sabbatical from the real world. He also never expected to want her more than his next breath. But…here they are…

These polar opposites weren’t looking for love. But when it finds them, will Aria and Wheeler be willing to risk their hearts and do whatever it takes to keep it—and each other—forever?

If broody cowboys hooking up with bombshells on the run are your thing, 1-click this steamy cowboy romance now!

Six-Pack Wrangler
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