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His to Protect

His to Protect

Some things just can’t be ignored…and an attraction this powerful is one of them.

Bodyguard and special intelligence mastermind Bodhi North has been called a lot of things—pretty-boy, surfer dude and even hippie, but he considers himself more of a tech nerd than anything else. Sure, he can protect and save like the best in The Guard, but the missions affect him far too much for his peace of mind and he prefers to hide behind his screen. But when his boss gives him an ultimatum, North doesn’t take the easy way out.

After actor Sloane Sailor lands a controversial movie role, she never thought it would throw her into the running for an Oscar—or into danger. It seems the spotlight of her movie also earned her a target on her back, and now she’s dodging a lot of hate. And who knew her new bodyguard would be so big, strong, hot AND smart too? It’s a little hard to keep her mind on the fact she’s in trouble, when North keeps distracting her with that little crease he gets between his eyes when he concentrates.

North can’t expect a mission to be simple, but learning that the alluring and intelligent Sloane has a foot in two piles of trouble couldn’t shock him more. Now it seems he’s saving her from a stalker as well as aiding in a search involving her lost sister. While Sloane battles a steamy attraction unlike anything she’s ever felt before, she can’t figure out which danger to fear more. But in the arms of her protector, she can hardly think of a better place to hide.

Danger and passion collide with this bodyguard and his ward who is in over her head. If you love steamy romantic suspense with all the feels, HIS TO PROTECT is your next 1-click! Binge the entire series!

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