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Breaking in the Cowboy

Breaking in the Cowboy

He never thought he’d see her again. Now he’s fighting for her life…and her heart.

Ranch hand Casey Clayton has been tasked by the Wynton Ranch to ready the grounds for an important wedding in a few weeks. So when his best friend’s little sister turns up on the ranch seeking protection, it couldn’t come at a worse time. But denying her is impossible—she’ll definitely be safe in Casey’s arms…

After Emersyn Holland seeks the help of her childhood friend, she’s unprepared for what she finds in the strong and hunky cowboy. There’s no denying that the steamy nights they share have her aching for more than a brief reunion and distract her from her real problem—she's stuck between the bad guys and the good.

Casey will stop at nothing to keep Emersyn safe from the enemies who want her dead and out of the hands of the Feds breathing down her neck. Even if it means surrendering himself.

More than a few steamy nights are ahead for this woman in peril and the hot cowboy she gets a second chance with. If romance, suspense and action and adventure are your thing, 1-CLICK BREAKING IN THE COWBOY and BINGE the entire WEST Protection series!

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