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Close Range Cowboy

Close Range Cowboy

Growing up, he was her tormentor. Now he’s her only hope.

Landon Trace, cofounder of WEST Protection, is minding his own business at a family wedding when a woman from his past literally jumps into his arms. His best friend’s little sister sure has grown up in the fifteen years since he’s seen her, but the way she catches his eye isn’t the real issue. She’s in danger and he’s her only chance.

In their youth, Elliot—aka Ells—Watson couldn’t stand Landon’s company. He spent every spare second teasing her, pulling her braids and making fun of her name. Now she has to put all that behind her in hopes that he’ll help her escape the danger she landed in when she dug too deep in the corporate files. Her new bodyguard is still as annoying and cocky…and the sexiest man she’s ever laid eyes on.

Protecting Ells is a no-brainer. Keeping his hands off her is proving to be much, much harder. With the corporate goons behind the big social security scam gaining on them, time is running out to find the perfect place to hide her. Only now he and Ells are facing a new kind of heat—the kind that happens between the sheets.

If smoldering forbidden passion, daring suspense AND underhanded blackjack winnings excite you, 1-CLICK CLOSE RANGE COWBOY now. Also BINGE the entire WEST Protection series!

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