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Cowboy in the Crosshairs

Cowboy in the Crosshairs

They’re total opposites. That doesn’t mean he won’t lay down his life for her.

Silas Shanie is ready for action. Now that his medical leave is over, he’s more than capable of being back on the WEST Protection team. His first assignment? Easy. His new ward? Not at all. But he’ll keep the gorgeous, shallow heiress safe because it’s his job. He doesn’t have to like her. Except…he does. Maybe too much.

Ignoring her father’s orders is the one luxury Windi Wray doesn’t have. So she’ll let him hire a bodyguard for her. But having the sexy cowboy he chose trail her to Mexico is very inconvenient. Nobody knows about her humanitarian work, and she’d like to keep it that way. It’s just her luck that Silas sees everything—even the parts of her heart she’d rather keep hidden…

But when Windi finds herself in the crosshairs of a dangerous enemy, Silas will do anything to protect her. He’s sure that with luck, skill, and his team’s support, he can get them both out alive. His heart, though…well, that might already be lost…

A rough cowboy bodyguard and a polished, stubborn heiress enjoy all the hot, steamy nights in this action and adventure romance. If suspense and sexy thrills are your thing, 1-CLICK COWBOY IN THE CROSSHAIRS now! And BINGE the entire WEST Protection series!

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