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Cowboy Under Siege

Cowboy Under Siege

Everyone wants her for her money. But what he wants comes with a bigger price—her heart.

Jaren Abel, new bodyguard on the WEST Protection team, will try anything once. Which is how he ends up on the back of a bull, hoping to snag the attention of a stunning rodeo trick rider. Jaren doesn’t do relationships, so one night is all he’s willing to commit to. But when trouble stalks the sassy beauty, his challenge is keeping the clueless wannabe country girl out of trouble in his small town.

Trinny Taylor’s goal right now is to fly under the radar. Since she inherited old family money, too many people want a piece of her. Now she’s really finding out who her friends are. She’s also shocked that the first person she’s trusted in a long time is a complete stranger. Jaren’s all the things she’d never pick in a man—he’s big, tattooed and rough around the edges. But between the sheets, his tenderness makes her think something more might be brewing between them.

Jaren doesn’t know what’s harder—saving Trinny from herself or from the lunatic trying to kill her. After a close call, there’s no denying that she needs all the protection she can get…or that their chemistry is off the charts. While danger escalates, Trinny and Jaren’s emotions do too. But when this is all over, will she find herself in the safety of his arms for good?

Spicy insta-attraction that promises more in this steamy action and adventure romance when a fish out of water lady and a tatted-up bad boy find romance in a small town. 1-CLICK your copy of COWBOY UNDER SIEGE now and BINGE the entire WEST Protection series!

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