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Fake Christmas Date Cowboy

Fake Christmas Date Cowboy

She’s single. He’s single. They can be single—and STEAMY—together.

Declan Finch has already proved his worth to the WEST Protection team. Now with the holidays here, he’s called to help with a big charity bash on the ranch. Watching over rich people should be a breeze, but suddenly he’s looking out for—and hooking up with—a quirky loner attending the couples’ event. Somehow the weather feels much warmer now that he’s cozying up to Belle…

After an ugly breakup, Belle attends a charity weekend to raise money for the families of special needs kids. But once she spots her ex and his new fiancée, her relaxing getaway is about to be ruined… until she finds that saving a horse and riding a hot cowboy might be just the fix she’s been looking for.

Amid enough heat between them to melt the Montana snow, Declan and Belle discover that dark activities are shadowing the party. With danger lurking around the corner, they fight to uncover the truth before WEST Protection is sabotaged. Working together brings a whole new level to Declan and Belle’s Christmas playtime, leaving them both wondering if this relationship isn’t so fake after all.

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