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Protected by the Cowboy

Protected by the Cowboy

He might convince her to move him out of the friend zone…but only if they can stay alive long enough…

All Josiah Wynton has to do is pretend to be the undercover FBI agent’s boyfriend. Watching her back while she investigates a drug trafficking ring inside the rodeo circuit will be easy. Ignoring the fact that he’s been in love with her for years and she only thinks of him as a friend, however, will not

Rayna Quinn never gives up. She will get to the bottom of this case and keep her cover while she does it. Her best friend and bodyguard shouldn’t be a distraction. She should be able to ignore his sexy cowboy swagger. But for some reason, she can’t…

With danger closing in and time running out, can Josiah and Rayna solve the case before they lose a lot more than just their hearts?

Friends-to-lovers romance goes West with a kick of action and adventure. If steamy encounters in the face of danger are your thing, 1-Click PROTECTED BY THE COWBOY now! And don’t forget to read the entire WEST Protection series!

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