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Top Secret Cowboy

Top Secret Cowboy

This bodyguard will do anything to protect a brainy businesswoman…even if it means pretending to be her fiancé.

After Jace Abel experiences a low in his career, he’s back in the saddle—and behind the computer screen. As an agent for the cybersecurity division of the WEST Protection team, he’s ready to investigate a system hack in San Francisco. But his skills are put to the test when the founder of the tech corporation receives a death threat. Good thing he’s also trained to guard the smart and savvy businesswoman’s life—and pretending to be her fiancé gives him a good reason to keep her close.

Bronte Burns knows more about binary code than threats and bodyguards. Now she’s taking a crash course on both while trying to keep her company afloat. Not to mention dealing with her new bodyguard, a pushy know-it-all who insists on pretending they’re engaged. His bold kisses are stretching her nerves to the breaking point, and don’t even get her started on how he makes her teeth grind—and other body parts too—each time he puts his big, rough hands on her.

When Jace isn’t arguing with Bronte, he’s guarding her lush curves and digging deep to find out what sensitive information her hackers got. Bronte just wants everything to return to normal…but she’s also shocked to find a kindred spirit in the man protecting her. All these fake kisses are starting to make her think crazy thoughts. Is it possible for both of them shut off their brains long enough to find love?

A fake relationship collides with steamy action and adventure when the next WEST Protection bodyguard goes down swinging for the woman he’s protecting. Is there a code for falling in love?

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