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Zero Dark Cowboy

Zero Dark Cowboy

A relentless bodyguard seeks justice…but he doesn’t expect to find the perfect woman.

New bodyguard on the WEST Protection team, Judd Abel draws the short straw that sends him to a snooty tech conference in Boston instead of the MMA fight in Vegas. He’s far from excited until a stunning, smart and sexy woman with secrets galore and legs for miles demands his help. He’s up for the challenge…but keeping his distance from the fascinating woman might be much harder.

Ari Bloomberg thought she’d be taking part in the conference. Turns out her daddy just wants her to be at his beck and call. To make matters worse, she’s received a blackmail letter…and gained a bodyguard. Judd’s swagger is impossible to ignore, but what really intrigues her are his brains. Okay, and his toe-curling kisses are starting to shake her to the core.

As Ari and Judd fight for answers to the blackmail scheme, a private matter that got the doors to Judd’s own business closed crops up. The bold hunk is so intense when it comes to protecting Ari at the conference—and keeping her happy between the sheets that she’s starting to believe she can mix business with pleasure.

What do you get when you force a bad boy into a cowboy hat AND ask him to wear a tux? Action and adventure meets twisted suspense and all the heat between the sheets that will keep you up well past ZERO DARK! 1-CLICK ZERO DARK COWBOY and BINGE the entire WEST Protection series!

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