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Something About a Bounty Hunter

Something About a Bounty Hunter

When a bounty hunter finds himself wrapped up with the wrong woman, he's torn between duty and his heart.

Wes Roshannon, bounty hunter extraordinaire, always gets his man, but he’s having a tough time looking for the father he never knew. A lead takes him to the doorstep of a local, very private biker club where admittance is exclusive. And can be downright dangerous. Wes is used to putting it all on the line, until he’s blindsided by a vision with long dark hair and flashing eyes.

Stormy thought she was content living in the shadow of the Bighorns giving her dad’s biker club its name, wrapped in the safety of a group she’s come to think of as family. That’s until the big man, asking questions and raking her with his steel gray eyes, has her thinking of living her life on her own terms, away from watchful eyes and parental concern.

Wes is far too involved with the gorgeous brunette to be intimidated by her biker family, and not even her growly, overbearing father will keep Wes away from her. But when he hunts a bail jumper right to the club’s front door, he’s torn between love, loyalty and the law.

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