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Something About a Mountain Man

Something About a Mountain Man

A reclusive Marine meets his match with a hungry journalist...

Ryan Stone was once called a leader of men. But since leaving the military minus two fingers and a good chunk of his thigh, he’s barely seen or spoken to a human in nearly a year. In the mountains of Wyoming, he’s more than happy with his solitary, off-the-grid lifestyle. So when a certain interfering and crazy-hot photojournalist drops back into his life, he’s shaken by memories of another time and place.

Livvy has survived under extreme conditions to capture the best stories on film. But one battle-zone moment haunts her the most, and she has no choice but to track down the Marine who saved her life. Knocking on the door of his Wyoming cabin to make sure he’s alive is the right thing to do after no one’s heard from him in a year. Not even a glimpse of the recluse’s tangled hair and beard will drive her off the mountain, especially after she finds he could use some rescuing too—from himself.

The last thing Ryan needs is a woman who wants a piece of his future when he doesn’t even have a grip on his past. If she isn’t making him pack up the mountain to rescue a struggling homesteading family, she’s tormenting him with her good cooking… and curves. One thing’s certain, both are too stubborn to give up or give in. And that could just manifest as his worst fear—that nobody else could be so right for him.

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