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Something About a Sheriff

Something About a Sheriff

A jaded sheriff can't possibly be falling for a woman he's meant to investigate, can he?

After moving to small-town Wyoming, Cecily Baker’s day spa is broken into. Which means the sheriff’s on the scene, and he’s dusting for more than prints around her place. When he isn’t piercing her with that deep, intense stare, he’s digging into her past. Turns out she does have a skeleton in her closet—spring break in Vegas left her with a husband she never knew she had.

Judd Roshannon’s totally over his wife leaving him. He just has trust issues. So when Cecily’s name doesn’t exactly check out, his internal sirens are blaring. Too bad he can’t seem to keep away from the woman with the girl-next-door vibe and the curves that keep his neck snapping. With all the break-ins at her spa, he has a good excuse to keep seeing the sexy woman.

Their chemistry’s off the chart, and neither one can keep their eyes, hands or mouths to themselves. Cecily’s even bared her soul, but she suspects Judd’s hiding his true self from her. Well, of course he’s hiding his true self from her—how can he risk scaring off a woman who means more to him than he’d like to admit?

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