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North of Love

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A woman on the run from her stalker lands in a Christmas wonderland with the only man who can save her.

As the lead dog handler for an elite search and rescue group in the Alaskan mountains, Hunt Cason knows stress. And he’s ready for a short breather from it all by spending the holiday season in a remote cabin. Being alone on Christmas might sound depressing, except he’s got everything he needs from firewood to his best friend and K-9 partner, German Shepherd Aries. But all too soon his peace is shattered when a half-frozen and beautiful woman knocks on his door. What can he do but help?

While running blind into the snowy mountains wasn’t Freya Fuller’s best plan, luck is on her side when she ends up safe and sound with a smoking-hot guy and his loyal dog. She might be withholding secrets about her stalker situation to keep Hunt safely out of it, but she can’t hold anything back from his heated demands in between his plaid flannel sheets.

Spending a fairytale Christmas in the arms of a good woman has this confirmed bachelor believing in happily-ever-afters. But when the truth about who Freya’s running from is revealed, there’s no restraining Hunt from doing what he does best—searching and rescuing the only woman he can picture a life with.

If you love a Christmas tree lighting and building gingerbread houses, along with some scorching sexy moments with a hot rescuer, NORTH OF LOVE is the 1-CLICK for you! This spinoff of the XTREME OPS team will bring you all the holiday feels!

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