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Xtreme Limits

Rebel Mission Temp.jpeg

What happens when a bad boy special operative and an art nerd clash? Sparks fly…

Special Operative Jake Beckett has spent his life being in the wrong place at the wrong time. After he joined the Xtreme Ops team, he thought those days were supposed to be over. But his attempt to protect an innocent hostage goes south in a hurry, and soon he’s on the run with the quirky art curator—who isn’t as quiet or compliant as he first thought.

As director of a museum, Violette Ashley is entrusted to protect the fine art she curates, and she takes her job very seriously. She just never thought that would involve escaping art thieves or fleeing into the Alaskan wilderness with a man who looks more like a bad boy on the big screen than a protector. To make things worse, they can't see eye to eye…but their arguments get her more than hot under the collar.

With a plan to trap the art thieves in place, Beckett’s only focus is keeping Violette safe. But her methodical ways war against the gut instincts that drive him. Only one of them can be right…except when they’re between the sheets.

If scorching encounters up against cabin walls hit all your buttons, 1-CLICK this military action and adventure, and get ready for an opposites attract romance you can’t put down!

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